After many years of wandering, we were given the opportunity to arrange one property to our liking – which we did.

House of Pleasure is our (and your) oasis equipped and decorated so that it welcomes every kinkster with everything he needs for an imaginative evening/s to his taste. We will put information and pictures of the clubhouse itself slowly but continuously. For now, we are sure that the space will be large enough to accommodate 16 people.

In addition to renting clubhouse with all its facilities, HOP365 organizes workshops, webinars, chat rooms, and playrooms.

In workshops, we work on raising awareness of our sexuality, traumas, and blocking feelings, in webinars, we educate ourselves about boundaries, safety, maturity, and readiness, in chat rooms we chat, and in playrooms we play.

Members of the association will be able to rent our clubhouse and use everything included at discounted prices and participate in our activities.

Inclusion is important to us – everything that respects individual boundaries, common sense, morality, and security, and all those who respect the above

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For more detailed information about the clubhouse and activities, check out our website, write to, and follow us here and on our Fb and Insta profiles.